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1The largest container port traffice among the Side Ports

Niigata Port is designated a Major International Port in Japan (Port and Harbor Act, 1950), having container port trafic (TEU) lagest among the Japan-Sea-Adjacent-Ports.

BCP Countermeasure

Due to the favorable conditions of shipping routes and access, we are able to provide backup services for container cargo transport at Keihin Port in the event of a disaster or other emergency. We propose the use of Niigata Port in normal times. At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Niigata Port functioned as an alternative port for ports on the Pacific coast of Tohoku.


2Gateway to the East Asia and the World

Niigata Port is the gateway or Hub Port to/from all over the word, having serveral shipping lanes and strong tie-up with Pusan Port in Korea.

Gateway to East Asia, etc.

Niigata Port has the great advantage of being close to Busan, one of the world's top hub ports. The Port of Niigata is also rich in regular shipping routes, making it the gateway to East Asia and other regions.

・Busan Route : 3 times / week
・China - Busan Route : 5 times / week
・China Route : 1 time / week

(As of March 2021)

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3Competitive at traffic Access

Niigata is located close to Kanto Area (300 km from/to Tokyo or Yokohama), having highly-developed-Highway-Network.


Quick Customs Clearance

"Quick Gate out from Niigata CY (No waiting)" make quick delivery.

4Enhanced Subsidy

The Subsidy and incentive for importer/exporter is substantial. For Detail, please check the Niigata Government Website : (Link to an extrenal site)

Information on the Support Project for Expansion of Container Freight Utilization (Niigata Prefecture)

List of incentive programs for using Niigata Port (N-WTT)

5 Simbol of the Dawn of Modern Age

In 1859, Specific Five (5) Ports including Hakodate, Yokohama, Nagasaki, Kobe and NIIGATA were opened to the world in advanced to the other ports in Japan, thus markets in cities such as Edo and Osaka were opened and started to trade.
Niigata port is the existing historical ports in Japan.


Former Niigata Customs Office
(Nationally Designated important cultural goods)

Port of Niigata arrival status and schedule

Daily Vessel Movement (92KB) 2024/04/15 update
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